Established in 1987, Domaine de Palejay has more than 25 years of experience in the Wine production sector and makes bottled wine to clients throughout the UK. Their depot is situated in Benton (Newcastle upon Tyne), but only on-line prepaid wine can be collected at the depot. It can also be collected at events in the UK.

The husband and wife team behind the Domaine de Palejay vineyard are an Anglo-French couple now based full-time in the Rhone Valley, France. It is from there that they use more than 25 years of vineyard management experience to produce delicious wine using conservation farming techniques which produce more concentrated fruit and protect the environment. The wine is estate bottled at their vineyards which are of a higher specification than the local French standard, the artisan wines are hand crafted.

Domaine de Palejay is managed by Arthur and Josiane Cook who have been involved in the Wine Production trade for more than 25 years. They are experienced enough to manage the estate, having previously worked as teachers and have attended various courses in: Vineyard Management, Barrel Ageing Wine-Making, Wine-Tasting, etc. 




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Domaine de Palejay wines are made from vineyards which were planted specifically for that purpose. The varieties were selected to suit the micro-climate of the plot and are all noble varieties. While working the vineyards no insecticide is used and very little herbicide, respecting bio-diversity and the wine is 100% traceable.   

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The estate has been in Josiane`s family since 1947, Arthur and Josiane are hard working and enthusiastic, investing in modern equipment and restructuring their vineyards by planting improved vine varieties at a greater density. They apply modern techniques and receive regular advice from the local wine technicians. Domaine de Palejay has attended courses in wine-making at the Institut Rhodanien, at Chateauneuf du Pape and vineyard management and barrel ageing courses at The University of Wine at the Chateau at Suze la Rousse